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Shawn & Ruffus

Your pets are in safe loving hands with us.  We only care for a few babies at a time so they each get the attention they require.  Every pet that comes to us is family.  We chose to remain small so that we can retain hands on ourselves.   We often have to give medications and care for young and old.  We call this Family Style Pet Sitting with a Touch of Grandma.

We love all of our animal friends !

Growing up on a small farm in Arkansas, I was the youngest of 5 children.  There was a substantial difference in age between my siblings and me.  All of the animals on the farm, including the wild animals were my friends and I was never lonely.  I have continued this relationship with animals my entire life.  That is why pet sitting is a passion, not just a job for me.

Snickers and Muffin enjoy yard time while Gretta enjoys watching the ducks.

Bobby Brown loves making up the sofa to suit hinself.  Meanwhile Max is having a chew.

Penelopy rolls on the floor and plays with a toy while Baxter watches with one eye.

Buster Brown & PePe await dinner.   Tinkerbell loves her food.

People and animals love our services because they get premium care.


King was the most intelligent dog I have ever known.  He was an escape artist with a sense of humor.  We learned to lock every door in the house and because of King, nobody else has been able to escape.  In this case we were the stupid ones.  It took King awhile to train us.

Bob & Carry

Long Time Clients

Our beloved King had pancreatitis.  He had to have 5 small meals a day.  Not only did Shawn cook his special food, but she hand fed him to make certain he ate.  


My husband provides a lap whenever n​eeded.

Laps around here are always at a premium.  Ted adores all kinds of animals or I could not do what I do. 

Sassy Pants loves to play Patty Cake.  She will play as long as I will.  Mouse thinks it is too cold to get out of bed.

Marley, Midnight, and Alita, the one winged chicken, love hanging out with me.  Sometimes Alita chases Marley & Midnight.  They all love a good game of chase.

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